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Canadian maple syrup delights Sri Lankan taste buds!

Canadian maple syrup delights Sri Lankan taste budsThe High Commission of Canada’s Trade Commissioner Service in partnership with the Sri Lanka Canada Business Council and the Kingsbury Hotel has organized the ‘Canada Maple High Tea’, an event aimed at promoting Canada’s maple syrup – also known as ‘liquid gold’ to Sri Lanka.

Canada is the world’s largest maple syrup exporter, and the High Commission is delighted to introduce and create awareness of this wonderful high-quality Canadian agri-food product to Sri Lankan consumers, and to tourism and culinary industries. 

Canadian maple syrup can be tasted in all its glory in a grand spread of the most irresistible high tea delicacies May 3-7, 2017 at the Kingsbury Hotel and on May 14 at the Mother’s Day promotions of the hotel. A wide-range of dishes have been prepared to be savoured – all of which showcase maple syrup and range from Crème Brule, Strawberry Comport, and Pecan Nut sticky pudding to Chocolate Dough nuts, Orange Almond cake and Pumpkin Cake– to name but a few.  

The High Commissioner of Canada, Her Excellency Shelley Whiting, stated “having a background in Food Science, and a love for both Canadian and Sri Lankan cuisine, I am excited to launch an event promoting this iconic Canadian product here as part of our Canada 150 celebrations in Sri Lanka”. The High Commissioner further elaborated that “maple syrup is a quintessential part of Canadian history, heritage and culture. While we may not be able to bring a Canadian sugar bush, snow-made maple toffees, or a Cabane à sucre here, we can share a small taste of what makes Canada so wonderful with our friends in Sri Lanka.  Come and enjoy!” 

Canada’s food and agriculture products are diverse as its land and people and Canadian quality never fails.  The High Commission is honoured to partner with the Sri Lanka Canada Business Council and the Kingsbury Hotel for this event to showcase one of the finest products that Canada has to offer.

‘Quality is in our nature’ is the branding slogan for Canada’s globally accepted best-quality food products and highlights the ability to meet the upwardly mobile lifestyles of the Sri Lankans who seek the best when it comes to traditional or fusion cuisine. Maple syrup, a distant cousin of jaggery, fits well with the Sri Lankan palate and adapts well to many Sri Lankan dishes and recipes. It can be used in a variety of dishes, both savoury and sweet, and even for cosmetics! It is a healthy alterative to refined sugars and this natural sweetener features over 65 antioxidants putting it on par with other known ‘super foods’. Its culinary applications are nearly endless and health benefits are without question.  

This initiative of the High Commission combines with the Government of Canada’s support to the marketing efforts of the Canadian maple syrup industry.  The government is proud to support these projects, which will raise consumer awareness of the properties, benefits and qualities of maple products, and increase imports of maple syrup in to international markets such as Sri Lanka. 

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