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MRP on essential items is compulsory – Secretary

MRPAlthough the Value Added Tax (VAT) is payable, the essential items should be sold at the maximum retail price(MRP), said the Secretary to the Ministry of Industries and Commerce T.M.K.B. Thennakoon.Addressing media yesterday at the Ministry of Finance, Secretary Thennakoon, also the Secretary of the Parliamentary Sub-committee on Living Costs added that it was possible to sell these essential commodities at the lower prices than the MRP.

 The government recently announced the MRP for 16 items. Red dhal – Rs.169 per kilo, Sprats (Thai) –  Rs.495 per kilo / (Dubai) – Rs.410 per kilo, Gram / Chickpeas – Rs.260 per kilo, Green moong / Green gram – Rs.220 per kilo, Canned fish regular 480g – Rs.140 / (105 Grams– Rs.70), White sugar – Rs.95 per kilo,Wheat flour – Rs.87 per kilo,Full cream milk powder (imported) – Rs.810 per kilo / (local) – Rs.735 per kilo,Chicken (with skin) – Rs.410 per kilo / (without skin) – Rs.495 per kilo,Potatoes (local) – No control price / (imported) – Rs.120 per kilo,Bombay Onions (imported) – Rs.78 per kilo,Dried chilies – Rs.385 per kilo, Dried Fish (Katta) – Rs.110 per kilo,Dried Fish (Salaya) – Rs.425 per kilo,Maldive fish – Rs.1500 per kilo, Sustagen – Rs.1500.

According to him, the Consumer Affairs Authority is constantly conducting raids on these price violations and the public is requested to make complaints to the CAA if any. The CAA has conducted raids so far at an average of 85 per day.

He also pointed out the shortage of the staff members for conducting raids island-wide.

 The Nadu rice, being sold at Rs.63per kilo will be sold at Rs.56 per kilo through Lak Sathosa outlets within the next couple of days.

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