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Sri Lanka committed to set up BIMSTEC Technology Transfer Center – President

president President Maithripala Sirisena reiterated the commitment of the government to establish a BIMSTEC Center for Technology Transfer Facility to contribute to the collective drive for economic advancement.

“To take Sri Lanka to the next stage of development, the vision of my government is to create a knowledge based competitive social market economy which is integrated with the world”, he said.The President made these remarks, addressing the BIMSTEC Summit held in Goa, India yesterday (Oct. 16).“The full potential of regional cooperation however remains yet to be realized.

We need to change course now to fulfill the expectations of our people to deliver a strong growth dividend through economic and technical cooperation”, he pointed out.“Diversification and modernization of economies, infrastructure development, knowledge exchange, increased access to technology, enhanced capacity building, expansion of trade and investment can no longer be held back” the President further stated.

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