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Fertilizer Subsidy for all field crops and paddy, tea and coconut

teacoconutruberUnder the government's programme of granting money instead if fertilizer under the Fertilizer Subsidy Programme, farmers who received fertilizer for paddy cultivation could not obtain the subsidy for other crops.

However with the new circular issued in this regard such farmers could get the fertilizer subsidy without any problem for any crop such as paddy, tea, rubber, coconut and other field crops (potatoes, onion, chilly, soya, and maize). For Rubber cultivation subsidy will be given to a minimum of 20 perches and a maximum of one hectare (2.5 acres) subject to a maximum amount of Rs. 5000. For Tea a maximum of Rs. 15000 for a hectare will be paid.Regarding coconut there should be at least 08 trees in 20 perches and the maximum is 02 hectares (05 acres). Rs. 56 will be paid for a tree.

A maximum of Rs. 10000 will be paid for other field crops subject to a maximum of 2.5 acres.Rs. 5000 for an acre of paddy field. Subject to a maximum of 02 hectares (05 acres) Rs. 25000 will be paid for a season and accordingly farmers will receive Rs. 50000 for both seasons.Assistant Director in Matara District Office of National Fertilizer Secretariat Mr. J.I. Wijenayake said that Rs. 178.47 million has been paid for 32292 farmers in Matara District for cultivations in last Yala season.Fertilizer subsidy will not be provided for farmers who have not cultivated in the last season after obtaining the fertilizer subsidy.

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