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Govt. aims to rehabilitate all drug addicts by 2020

Govt. aims to rehabilitateThe government has launched many programs to treat drug addicts and there are plans to introduce an amnesty period for drug addicts to rehabilitate themselves on their own said Project Director, President Task Force for Drug Control Dr Samantha Kumara Kithalawarachchi.


We have already identified the drug addicts and our aim is to rehabilitate all drug addicts by 2020 said Dr. Kithalawarachchi.

Already we have established drug prevention committees. This year we are planning to establish rural drug prevention committees. The tri forces are sacrificing a lot to save the children from the drug menace.

By now cigarette smoking has reduced while a program is in place to stop the illegal smuggling of cigarettes. Some say that beedi smoking has increased but there is no truth in it. The navy is also playing a major role to stop the drugs coming to the country said the doctor.

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