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Special letter from Health Minister to all ministers

rajitha senarathnaMinister of Health Dr. Rajitha Senarthne sending a letter to all Cabinet, State, and Provincial Chief Ministers has requested to take necessary steps to implement a program on 24th January to inspect all public institutions, where an outstanding rise of dengue mosquitoes is reported.

In his letter, the minister says that those institutions should be inspected by themselves and the Public Health Inspectors are scheduled to inspect those institutions on 25th, 26th, and 27th January.

In 2016, 54, 727 dengue patients have been reported. The death toll is 78. According to the surveys carried out in that year about 65 percent of public institutions, 70 percent of religious places, 60 percent of schools, and 58 percent of construction sites have been detected with possible dengue breeding places. During the past 17 days of this year, 1,311 dengue patients have been reported and no death is reported.

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