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Prime Minister's Poson Message

PM Ranil wikramasingheThe visit of Arahat Mahinda to Sri Lanka heralded in a new chapter in the country's history, with the hallowed principles of non-violence and compassion as enshrined in Buddhism, taking centre stage.


It not only transformed the Sri Lankan way of life but also made a strong impact on our social discourse; agriculture, hydro civilisation, cultural pursuits and governance were some of the key areas that were influenced by Buddhist values and traditions.

Today, Sri Lanka is recognised as a strategic centre for Theravada Buddhism, the principles of which have been central to its people and their way of thinking. As a result, we have had the honour of hosting the International Vesak Festival and the International Buddhist Congress.

May the true doctrine of Buddhism, its compassion and non-violent principles encourage us to live in harmony and peaceful co-existance, while respecting other religions and other cultures.

This Poson, may we be able to set our hearts and minds to making such a vision a reality.

Ranil Wickremesinghe

Prime Minister


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