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Special Press Release

At this moment where many steps have been taken towards advancement and the stability of the political and economic situation in Sri Lanka, it is important for whole Nation to work with national sentiment and good understanding about the current situation.

False and misleading propaganda are being spreading all over the country by Various parties and various types of organized groups with the intention of deteriorating the National Unity and understanding. Not only Social Media and web sites but also some certain Media has been spreading such false and groundless news and ideas with the intention of creating Political instability in the country and public unrest.

In this situation, the Government urges the General Public to act with proper understanding without being misguided by this false and baseless information.

Since, Duty of the Department of Government Information is to provide accurate official news service of Government, the Department has taken steps to provide proper information quickly and continuously to the General Public. Hence, the department draws kind attention of General public in this regard.


Nalaka Kaluwewa

Director General  of Government Information 

The department assists media in a macro level in welfare, training, policy planning and accreditation, and providing easy access to Government news and information.