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Department of Government Information

Department of Government Information (DGI) is a key establishment of the Ministry of Mass Media. The department assists media in a macro level in welfare, training, policy planning and accreditation, and providing easy access to Government news and information. On the other hand, DGI also play an important role catering to the Government with data analysis, information, audio visuals, and archives. The department plays a major role in formulation of the Right to Information Bill.

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Hambantota salterns: An asset and a legacy

  The Ruhuna as a region from ancient times was known as ‘Dakshina Deshaya’ and Hambantota is identified as an important city in Dakshina Deshaya. Historic...

Developing agriculture exports

  Politicians view farmers as an important constituency and claim to want to improve their lot. There is a long history of state support for agriculture...

New approach sans tear gas

  Protesting students of universities and other higher educational institutions running helter-skelter from unceasing attacks of tear gas, water jets and baton charges at the premises...

Foreign policy perspectives for Sri Lanka in 2020

      Foreign Policy in very simple terms is how a state in the world family conducts itself with other states and international organisations which is a...

A journey towards developed status

  It was just two months ago that nearly seven million voters gave a mandate to President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to put the country on the correct...

Debt: bete-noire of Sri Lanka’s economy

  Debt: bete-noire of Sri Lanka’s economyRev. Fr. Leopold Ratnasekera OMI (Ph.D.Th.D. National SeminaryKandy) The crippling national debt-problem which all recent governments of the post-independence era have...

2020: key questions on Climate Crisis

Fire and Rescue personal run to move their truck as a bushfire burns next to a major road and homes on the outskirts of the...

Tea and Empire

For more than a Century, Tea has been a major stay of our economy; a primary earner of foreign exchange, an income source for many...

Priority for development, not devolution

  Ambassadors of several European countries based in Sri Lanka called on President Gotabaya Rajapaksa at the President’s Office in Colombo on Monday. Ambassadors of France,...

Provincial autonomy within a Unitary framework

A significant dictum on the effect of National Policy duly formulated by the Central Government on the Provincial Council was made by the Supreme Court...

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Applications for providing 100000 jobs to unskilled youths published today

  The plan to recruit 100000 unskilled youths to multi-task human resource force has reached its final stage. This is being done under the Vision for...

Mechanism to absorb unemployed graduates to the national economy

  All unemployed graduates will be provided with Government jobs on an immediate basis in order to get their contribution to strengthen the national economy, President...

Trade deficit contracts in first 11 months of 2019

  During the first eleven months of 2019, the trade deficit contracted compared to the corresponding period in 2018, as a result of the significant decline...

Navy beach cleaning programmes found sea turtle eggs at Galle Face beach

  The coastal and marine environment conservation activities conducted by the Sri Lanka Navy have started to deliver favorable returns as of now. As an eloquent...

EU’s GSP Plus to Sri Lanka to continue until 2023

  The European Union’s Generalized Scheme of Preferences Plus tax concessions to Sri Lanka will continue until 2023, says Minister Prasanna Ranatunga.He made the announcement following...

Rain enhance from tomorrow

  Showery condition is expected to enhance to some extent particularly in the South-western part of the island and in the Eastern, North-central, Uva and Central...

India pledges USD 50mn to strengthen defence cooperation

  India has pledged a US$ 50 million assistance to Sri Lanka to help the country purchase equipment for its security forces, when National Security Advisor...

UN Resident Coordinator delighted with President’s sustainable development programs

  Meeting President Gotabaya Rajapaksa Friday (17) at the Presidential Secretariat, United Nations Resident Coordinator Hanna Singer responded positively to his commitment to sustainable development. The...

Rise in dengue due to changing weather pattern

  The rise in the number of dengue patients in the country, especially during the past two months of 2019 is due mainly to the previously...

Colombo Port City geared to key investments

  With the opening of the Colombo Port City for investors last December, Sri Lanka is expected to attract billions of U.S. dollars for investments and...

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The department assists media in a macro level in welfare, training, policy planning and accreditation, and providing easy access to Government news and information.