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Over one thousand tri forces personnel involved in Meetotamulla relief operations

defence newsMore than one thousand Army, Navy, Air Force, Special Task Force, Police and Disaster Management Centre personnel are involved in rescue and relief operations in Meethotamulla area, Defence Ministry sources said.


The rescue and relief operations after the Meetotamulla garbage dump incident were continuing yesterday (17th April) as well.

According to Military Spokesman Brigadier Roshan Senevirathne more than 1050 security forces personnel are involved in the relief operations while 15 earth moving machines and 15 dump trucks are also used in the clearing work. Special Task Force and Police personnel have ensured the security of the affected zone.

By yesterday, rescue personnel have recovered bodies of 27 victims. A census and estimation on the affected houses is to be carried out by state officials headed by the Divisional Secretary with the assistance of security forces.

The security forces personnel will continue with the relief operations, Military Spokesman further said.

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