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Embassy of Sri Lanka in Amman celebrates Vesak

Embassy of Sri Lanka in Amman2017The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Amman Jordan celebrated the thrice-blessed day of Vesak in a grand manner.

Dharma sermons, meditations  and the rituals were conducted by the Reverent Professor Pinnawala Sanghasumana Hamadhuruwo who was flown down to Amman from Sri Lanka.

Among several other, important features of the celebrations was an interfaith interaction among the leaders of different faiths. Ambassador of Thailand in Jordan too graced the occasion.

The dhansal with several varieties of native cuisines offered for about one thousand devotees depicted a punchi Sri Lanka in Amman.

The celebration started at 7.00 a.m. with observing “Ata Sil”. Staff members and Sri Lankan expatriate workers in Jordan observed Sil.

The Embassy premises was colourfully decorated with Buddhist flags and Vesak lanterns reflecting the Buddhist culture.

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