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Secretary visits Chinese Naval Hospital Ship

Secretary visit Chinese Hospital Ship2017 8 9Secretary to the Ministry of Defence Mr. Kapila Waidyaratne PC made a visit to the Chinese naval hospital ship 'Hepingfangzhou' at the Colombo harbor yesterday (08th Tuesday, August). The People's Liberation Army Navy of China ship arrived to the country on Sunday (06th August), making a goodwill visit.

Upon arrival the Secretary was received by the Deputy Chief of Staff of East Sea Fleet, PLA Navy, Rear Admiral Guan Bailin. He was also accorded a guard turnout onboard the ship. Accompanied by the Chinese PLAN officers the Secretary visited the various parts of the ship and learned of its operations and medical facilities.

Secretary Waidyaratne also exchanged mementos with Rear Admiral Bailin to mark his visit to the ship. Additional Secretary (Defence) Mr. RMS Sarath Kumara was also present at the occasion.

'Hepingfangzhou', popularly known as Ark Peace is a modern ship that has been built to engage swiftly in humanitarian response to disasters around the world. The ship with its crew of 381 personnel has treated over 120,000 people around the world during its circumnavigation. The ship's medical facilities include theaters, intensive care units, consultant medical services, residential treatment units and Computerized Tomography Machines. It also has a helicopter onboard for swift transfer of patients during emergencies.

The 'Ark Peace' is scheduled to leave the country today (09th Wednesday, August).

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