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Training of officers completed for the census on government and semi-government sectors in Kandy District

Department of CensusSenior Statistician G.W. Gunasekara said that training of 600 public officers in Kandy District has been completed with regard to the Census on Employment in Government and Semi-government sectors.

Six workshops have been conducted for 341 public officers and 270 provincial public officers to be deployed in the census held on 17th of this month, he added.

Objective of this census is to obtain demographic and economic details of public officers. This census should be undertaken once in four or five years but due to unavoidable reasons this was last conducted in 2006 resulting a considerable lack of details of public officers.

This time it will obtain details of employees who have obtained appointments in casual, daily, temporary and contractual basis in the public sector. Mr. Gunasekara requests all public officers to be present at their service stations in the date which the census held and provide their assistance to relevant officers.

He made these comments addressing a meeting held for informing officers of the Kandy District Secretariat at the Auditorium of the District Secretariat.

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