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Work together to build prosperous and peaceful country: Opposition Leader

Hon R Sambandan 1I extend my greetings and best wishes for the New Year to all citizens of Sri Lanka, states Opposition Leader and Tamil National Alliance Leader R. Sampanthan in a New Year message.

 The message adds: “2017 will be a crucial year in the history of our country. Our expectation, is that we should find a permanent and lasting solution to the national question. The new Constitution in the New Year, should bring about this achievement.

“While acknowledging diversity in our communities in several aspects, my appeal to all the people in this country is that we should strive hard to not let such diversity become a barrier to building a prosperous and peaceful country for our future generations. “I call upon all political parties, religious leaders, civil society and the people of this country to join hands in working together to build a prosperous and peaceful country. Let us not miss this golden opportunity in the coming year. “I wish you all a happy and a prosperous New Year”. (CDN)


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