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NARA studies Norochcholai plant hot water effect to the ocean

NARA studies NorochcholaiThe hot water emitted by the Norochcholai power plant is pumped to the sea area of its vicinity. 

Many environmental organizations and fisher community have complained to the Ministry of Fisheries that the ocean and its resources are massively devastated by hot water.

A discussion in this regard was held recently in NAQDA with the chairmanship of Minister MahindaAmaraweera. Officials representing NARA, NAQDA, Electricity Board, Fisheries Ministry of the North-Western province, and the Central Environmental Authority were present at this discussion.

Accordingly, NARA has initiated an extensive research to find out whether the marine spices, sea weeds and the sea bed are being harmed by the emission of hot water from the Norochcholai coal power plant. The Minister gave instructions to continue the researches and asked all the other parties to extend their cooperation for this purpose.

It was also decided to find out whether the dust of the power plant is harmful to the fishermen residing in the close proximity and take remedial measures if there are any harmful effects.

A method to cool the hot water emissions of the plant and to dispose it underground or to release it into the sea was also considered.

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