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A new website for the protection of children

children 2017The Sri Lanka Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA) has taken steps to introduce a website that contains information, guidelines, and data regarding the protection of children.

This is implemented conjointly by the National Child Protection Authority and ICTA and the website will be launched within the next few months.

The site includes information that is mutually important to children, parents and teachers. It pays more attention on educating parents and teachers on precautionary methods and steps for preventing escalating child abuses in the society.

This site contains information that is important to a child as well as a mother regarding giving birth to a child and raising them which are provided by experts in relevant fields, said ICTA.

The site uses photographs, video clips and discussions in this regard and external parties including intellectuals and researchers can upload information on their researches, seminars, and discussions etc. to the website.ICTA further added that it has provide facilities for people to lodge complains in relevant institutions regarding child abuses and the information entered into the site are handled under absolute supervision of National Child Protection Authority.

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